Shit I Didn’t Know is a journey through the portal. Together. With radical open-mindedness.

A few years ago, I started a process of re-learning. Re-learning the things I thought I knew.

As that process evolved, I realized that most of what I "knew" was pretty much wrong. It dawned on me that, for much of my life, I'd let other people do the research for me.

From their research, I'd created many opinions – some of which turned into beliefs. The foundation of many of my beliefs were built upon shaky ground – for instance, the idea that when you zoom in on matter down to the smallest scales, it is solid. Nope, that's not really how it works.

So I'd like for you to join me as I re-learn my way through the universe. Hopefully you'll learn some things along the way too!

In an effort to stay as open-minded as possible, I'm going to explore some weird topics, while hopefully maintaining a degree of rationality (but TBD on that):

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